Anna Brahms

  • Through the Looking Glass: Faeries

  • Snow White - Scene 2

    Old Hag Stand 21" Tall.

  • Snow White

  • Snow White - Step Mother

  • Dragon Lady

  • Little Women - Jo & Meg

  • Little Women - Amy

  • Little Women - Marmee & Beth

  • Faeries

  • Narnia "Tea with Beavers"

  • Miss Havisham

  • Cinderella "Invitation to the Ball"

  • Cinderella "In the Garden"

  • Cinderella "At the Ball"

  • Cinderella "Trying on the Slipper"

  • "The Ghost of Christmas Present"

    At the Cratcit home.

    Detail from Christmas present -- Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim.

  • "The Ghost of Christmas Past"

    Scrooge as a young man at his school, with his half-sister, on Christmas day.

    The second picture is a detail, showing the Ghost of Christmas Past, with the young Scrooge.

  • "The Ghost of Christmas Future"

  • "The Ghost of Marley, Visiting Scrooge"

  • "Christmas Day Party at the Nephew's Home"

  • Madonna

  • Lady in Brown Velvet

  • Madonna and Child

  • Angel

  • Light Faerie with a Yellow Cape

  • Shy Faerie

  • Little Women