Hannah Kahl-Hyland

  • Snow White

    Snow White hand-carved bass wood, painted with oil color, vintage costuming, mohair wig. Height 23 inches. Dwarfs polymer clay over wood base. Height approx. 12 - 14 inches.

  • The Frog Prince

    Both the Princess as well as the Frog are hand-carved of wood. The Princess is five-and-a-half inches tall.The frog is a little less than two-thirds of an inch in size and is securely pegged into the hand of the princess. Both the princess and the frog are painted with oil colors. The costume is made of vintage lace and silks. The bodice and sleeves are hand-beaded. The wig is made of viscose fiber. The Princess is wearing a gold-plated crown made by miniature artist Diane Almeyda and the necklace is made by miniature artist Lynn O'Shaughnessy. The well and the trees were are sculpted by the artist.

  • Queen Anne